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Events & Gatherings

CSWD provides a variety of services, at no cost, to help events reduce their waste and manage it effectively. These services are tailored to address the specific needs of each event. Let us help you demonstrate your commitment to Vermont values in ways your guests will notice and appreciate!

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What You Need To Know

State law and CSWD’s Solid Waste Management CSWD Ordinance require that Blue-Bin Recycling and food scraps must not be put in the trash. All lonely trash containers must also be paired with a recycling container buddy, and event venues must include language in their reservation forms to notify event organizers about CSWD’s requirements and resources.

Let us help you navigate these requirements by not only ensuring your legal compliance, but also providing:

  • Signs and labels
  • Staff/volunteer training
  • Waste Warriors volunteers
  • And more!

Reduce Event Waste

Explore CSWD resources designed to help you reduce event waste.

Deploy a CSWD Waste Warrior at Your Event!

Waste Warriors are CSWD-trained volunteers who help event attendees sort their discarded materials correctly, teach event attendees about recycling and composting, and help reduce contamination in event waste streams.

Benefits of Enlisting Waste Warriors At Your Event

  • Show your guests that you are committed to ensuring resources aren’t wasted in the landfill.
  • Reduce contamination of recycling and compost streams.
  • Help ensure your event complies with State and CSWD waste management requirements.

Interested in Becoming a Waste Warrior?

Our trained volunteers attend free training sessions to become experts in waste reduction and help keep resources out of landfills.

Educational Articles and Case Studies

Event-specific waste reduction tips and strategies plus local success stories.

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