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Everything that is disposed as trash in Vermont goes to the NEWSVT Landfill in Coventry, Vermont, which is owned and operated by Casella Waste Systems. 

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How do we define


Any item that does not fall into one of these categories is considered trash.

If you are looking for a specific item, please visit our A-Z List.

Inappropriate burning or burying of any waste is illegal due to the risk of releasing toxins into the air and groundwater.

Violators of these requirements may be subject to fines of up to $500 per incident. 

CSWD provides information, programs, and facilities to help our members prevent and reduce waste and manage all materials streams appropriately.  

Trash Rules

Items can go in the trash as long as they do not fall into one of these categories:

  • Blue-Bin Recycling
  • Organics
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Other Items Banned From the Landfill 

Disposal Options

Other Options

Facilities for Large Loads

Hire a Pick-up Service

Contact Your Town

Fees & Payment Methods

Trash disposal fees vary and are calculated in a variety of ways, including volume, item size, and item density.

Operators at our Drop-Off Centers are trained to estimate fees based on volume. This range generally covers most oversize items. Search the A-Z list for your item and specific disposal information.

Search the A to Z list

Amount Fees Notes
up to 13 gal $6.00 Small
14-35 gal $16.00 Medium
36-45 gal $22.00 Large
46-64 gal $30.00 XL
65-100 gal $48.00 1/2 cubic yard
100-150 gal $72.00 3/4 cubic yard
150-200gal $96.00 1 cubic yard
Amount Fees Notes
up to 5 gal $1.00 XS
5 to 13 gal $3.00 Small
14-35 gal $8.00 Medium
36-45 gal $11.00 Large
46-64 gal $15.00 XL
65-100 gal $23.00 1/2 cubic yard
100-150 gal $36.00 3/4 cubic yard
150-200 gal $48.00 1 cubic yard
Per Single Item varies Operator will determine final price based on size of item

Not seeing your item above?

If you don’t see your item above, it may be special and require a different disposal method. Batteries, plastic bags, scrap metal, electronics, tires, clothing, and propane tanks – there’s a place for those.

Waste Reduction Education

Reduce & Reuse

Compared to creating products or packaging from virgin resources, recycling…
Leftover food to be donated.

Food Donations

Below is a list of organizations, databases, and locations in…

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