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Business Solid Waste Management Requirements

Under State law and the CSWD Solid Waste Management Ordinance, all businesses in Chittenden County must meet the following requirements:

Manage materials banned from landfills

Applies to: All businesses

Certain items and materials must not be mixed with trash. These include but are not limited to:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Construction & Demolition materials
  • Blue-bin recycling
  • Yard debris
  • Electronics

Provide equal access to recycling

Applies to: Any business that provides publicly accessible trash/waste containers

Anyone in Chittenden County providing trash containers for public use must also provide an equal number of recycling bins. If customers or visitors can access your bins, this probably applies to your business.

Keep food scraps separate from trash

Applies to: All businesses and their employees

Businesses meeting this threshold must keep food scraps and food-related residuals (such as whey, spent grain, etc.) separate from the trash. These materials may be donated, sold separately, composted or anaerobically digested instead of being sent to the landfill. Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law (Act148) will require this of all food scraps beginning in 2020.

Request exemption from recycling service

Applies to: Any business that does not contract for recycling service through their trash hauler

Businesses that decline recycling service must use the online form below or send us the pdf reporting version to report how they are keeping mandatory recyclables out of the landfill.

Report materials shipped directly to market

Applies to: Any business that ships or markets solid waste, recyclables, or compostable materials to a facility not licensed by CSWD

If your business ships or markets more than two (2) tons of solid waste, recyclables AND/OR compostable materials to a facility not licensed by CSWD within or outside of Chittenden County, you must help us track our District’s solid waste generation and recovery by reporting this information to us annually by March 1.