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What makes this Special Materials?

Prescribed medication (pharmaceuticals) are Special Materials because they must be stored and disposed with care to protect the health of people, pets, and the environment.

Over the counter medication like aspirin, antacids, etc. can be disposed of in the trash. To help protect our water systems, please do not pour them down the drain.

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How Can I get Rid of It?

What you need to know:

  • Never pour or flush medications down the drain or toilet. Water recovery facilities and septic systems are not designed to remove these chemicals.
  • Many pharmacies and law enforcement facilities offer year-round drug collection or drop-off programs. Find all options on the VT Department of Health website Prescription Drug Disposal page.

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Special Materials Education

  • All of these items are banned from the landfill and must not be placed in the trash.

    Items Banned From Landfills

    Information about how the Banned Materials Fee is assessed, and more on the proper disposal or recycling for each banned...

Did You Know?

We grind clean wood for composting.

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Good for all creatures big and small.

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Proper waste disposal helps our environment.

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Learn more about how you can work with CSWD to properly dispose of waste in your home, office, or community.